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Dr. Navi Bali Will Provide You With Professional Help

Orthopedics requires professional knowledge, as well as work experience. To get the right professional help, look for Dr Navi Bali.

Dr. Navi Bali originally practiced dentistry, but wanting to give people much more, he completed surgery in the field of orthopedics. Today, he is one of the world’s experts in all aspects of lower and upper extremity surgery.

After completing his training as an orthopedic surgeon, he went on to further training in complex trauma, hip and knee replacement, as well as pediatric surgery and adult foot and ankle surgery.

Dr Navi Bali

Dr. Navi Bali is always ready to help any patient who needs proper help in the field of orthopedic surgery. Also, he is always ready to give advice related to non-surgical treatment. He takes special care of each patient, so he has helped a large number of people who are grateful for all his efforts and attention.

You can seek his help from general orthopedics if you have tennis elbow, hand and wrist deformity, limb deformity or some chronic infections. In the field of trauma surgery, he helped many patients with lower or upper limb fractures, with joint fractures, tendon rupture, ligament injury, as well as sports injuries.

Also, Dr. Navi Bali successfully performs hip surgeries, both primary and revision. Many patients, thanks to him, have been pain-free for years and are very grateful to him for that. As we said, he performs all kinds of joint operations, including the knee. He performs primary and revision knee replacements very successfully. He also performs successful meniscus surgeries, which are often needed by athletes. You can see all this and much more on Dr. Navi Bali.

If you need expert help from an orthopedic surgeon, one click on Dr. Navi Bali is enough. He will give you the help you need.