The Reef By Keppel Land

New Adventures

Brand new beachfront property in Singapore. It can be offered to homeowners, and to experience an exciting new life experience on our shores.

The reef by Keppel Land is a reef on the avenue of the port, which has several blocks of buildings, which are intended for people who want to enjoy the sea, in luxury apartments. The best architects built buildings and apartments, near the coast, with the best design.

The Reef By Keppel Land

If you want to have a luxury apartment with a spectacular view of the bay, you can inquire about this property and get one nice apartment that would be useful to you when you want to come on vacation or rent it to someone. Nearby you have a shopping center, beaches, parks, world-class attractions, and many other attractions you want to live, and experiences you want to experience. In addition to places where your adrenaline is in the plus, you also have quiet places that you can visit and take a break. Everywhere you have guidelines where you can continue and where to go for a better view, nature and excitement. We have cable cars where you can see the whole city, see everything from a height and enjoy every sunset on our coast. Every part of the coast that you can see, gives you an amazing picture of nature, excitement and enjoyment that you can’t have everywhere.

The reef by Keppel Land offers you all that. Everything you want to see and enjoy in luxury apartments by the sea in Singapore. If you are a person who likes to enjoy, and to go far, you can come to us in shopping malls, parks, watch the sea and enjoy the sun.